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Special Needs cats need rescuing, too!

While kittens with all their cuteness, propensity to frolic and tumble and cuddle are adorable, and adorable, friendly adult cats are all likely to find good homes, special needs cats are often overlooked, so while you’re thinking about the kind of cat that will fit in best with your lifestyle, remember about the ones that don’t stand out from the crowd. Cats with special needs are just as deserving, loving, and companionable as all the others.

Whether they have a physical disability, require regular medication, or experienced past trauma, special needs cats are often forgotten and ignored. Is there room in your heart, and home, for a special needs cat?




Every so often she gets bare patches and sometimes scabs on her skin. When this happens she has an anti-inflammatory injection and it clears up within a couple of days. At the moment she's in foster care and we're giving her hypoallergenic food. She has also seen a holistic vet and had osteo work done recently. 
She's been at the shelter for over a year, and is very keen to find her furrever home. 



DOB: 10/03/21. 

Microchip no. 978101083479531.

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