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Pets for Life is a no-kill shelter.  We will look after your cat or kitten until we find a forever home and there is no judgement as to why you have to surrender your pet.


  • Looking after your pet on possibly a long term basis, is not without considerable costs.  Food, vaccinations, desexing, micro-chipping, flea treatments and medical expenses are covered by PFL with limited funds from donations and local fundraising.  We do not expect you to cover those costs but we do ask that if you are in a financial position to provide a  donation - it would be greatly appreciated. 


  • We cannot take in stray cats or kittens.  If you have found a stray you must contact the local council ranger. Legally we cannot accept these cats before they are scanned by the ranger for a micro-chip and the possibililty of reuniting them with their owners.


  • Before you contact us to surrender your cat or kitten we do ask that you have attempted to rehome them yourself -  if you do not have Facebook -send us a photo and a detailed description and we will put them on our Facebook or feature them on our website.


  • Please - under no circumstances,  if you cannot find them a home yourself - do not "dump" them.  Send us an email from the contact below and we will help you.  There are a number of organisations you can contact to help you re-home.   

   Download a list of Emergency Contact Numbers CLICK HERE

Email here to order your emergency card.

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In the event of an emergency it is important to advise police and emergency services, neighbours and relatives that you wish your cat to be cared for and possibly rehomed by Pets for Life. Read about our Emergency Care Program. (Under Construction)


If you wish this to occur you should complete the Pet Emergency Care Surrender Form and the Cat Profile Form.  (Forms under Construction)


At a minimal cost of  $15 we will provide you with an emergency card which you should carry in your wallet or leave in a prominent position in your home.

Emergency Care

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