Please give a kitten a home !

Looking for a Home !


PORTIA, PEARL (adopted) AND PIPER (adopted) were born around 3/11/21. Portia (Manx) was a little more conservative but has come out of her shell and is a little sweetie wo loves to be picked up and cuddled.

Portia - tortie/tabby:

M/chip no. 95301010043060


We have 2 kittens that were found on a property in Goonengerry but no pictures as yet. They are friendly and outgoing.

Shauna is a female grey and white tabby )Microchip no. 953010100336535) and her sister, Shasta, (Microchip no. 9053010100447817) is gray.   DOB: 15/01/22


These kittens have a ragdoll x mother. They have lovely placid natures. 5 of them have been adopted so we have left:

Barbie -    short hair black and white.

Bluebell's kittens 1.jpg
Bluebell's kittens 2.jpg

TRUDIE (F), dark tortie with white feet. (just been desexed and microchip no. not available yet). 

TRINA (F), dark tortie. (just been desexed and chip no. not available yet). 

TAZZI (M), ginger & white. Microchip no. 953010100349691.

TIGGY (F), dark tabby. Microchip no. 953010100457841.

TESSIE (F) black. Microchip no. 953010100463691.

TARA (F), light tabby. Microchip no. 953010100354529.

were born in Ocean Shores on 17/02/22. They are playful and super friendly


Tiggy 3.jpg


Tara 2.jpg


Trudie 2 (2).jpg


Tazzi (2).jpg


Trina 3.jpg


Tessie 2.jpg