Please give a kitten a home !

Looking for a Home !

Our newest batch of kittens comprises of 2 litters.  DOB: 05/09/20. 

4 ginger and white - 2 girls, 2 boys.

2 black boys.

We have:

Bette and Becca are the ginger and white girl.

Bluey and Bertie are the ginger and white girls.

Bimbi and Barri are the black boys.

The boys are to be desexed on 1st December. The girls will be a little longer.

SAGE had 5 kittens on 31st October. It's a little hard to tell what sex they are when they're so little but we've had a guess. They are:

Zest:         black and white boy (tabby markings)

Anise:      dark tabby girl

Angelica: light tabby/tortoise girl (on hold)

Dolly:       calico tortoiseshell girl (On hold)

Sassy:      ginger and white girl  (On hold)

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