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Adopting Saves Lives!

There are many reasons why you should adopt a cat or kitten from a shelter, but most importantly you will be saving a life.  As a result you will also be discouraging the breeding of pets for sale.  All cats and kittens adopted from a shelter are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flead and micro chipped, which is generally not the case with cats and kittens purchased through pet shops or backyard breeders.  Shelters ensure that all cats and kittens are health checked, again not guaranteed when you purchase from a shop.  


Now you have decided to adopt your cat or kitten there are a few things you need to do when you come to pick up your new family member;


  • it is important that you bring a secure cat carrier. Cats as a general rule do not like being fully enclosed in a box, and a secure carrier is essential when transporting your cats for vet checks.


  • You are required to fill out a "Permanent Identification" or a ‘Change of Owner’ form.  We lodge a copy of  the ‘Change of Owner’ form with the Byron Council and you are required to register your animal with the Local council in the area where you live. 


  • In order to adopt an animal the primary carer for that animal must be present and consent to the adoption. 


  • We ask that you bring your family, flatmates, partner, or anyone else who will be living or spending time with the animal you wish to adopt. This is to ensure that everyone is comfortable with your decision.


  • Pets for Life Animal Shelter DO NOT recommend adopting an animal as a gift.

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