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The following cats are all in the Casino Shelter, owned by the Richmond Valley Council.

If you're interested in any of them or would like more information, please contact Louise on : 02 6662 6905

Casino shelter tortie March 2019.JPG

Save Me!

This young girl has been waiting a while now and we really need to find somewhere for her to go.


If you can help by putting her on your webpage and facebook it would be really appreciated.


She has the typical tortie temp and is very lovable but she likes to be the boss.


She is only young and came in with her kitten who was rehomed



Diddy and Teenie were given to people when their owner died. The new owners were then issued with an eviction notice so asked for help and surrendered the two boys to us.


They have come around whilst we have had them at the Casino shelter.


Underneath is the note that came with them which gives some back ground on the boys.



Diddee and Teenie upright.jpg
Male from Casino shelter March 2019.jpg

This boy doesn't have a name yet.

This guy is absolutely gorgeous he is very affectionate and I am hoping someone can help him


He does not hiss at the other cats we have and loves to smooch

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