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Foster a cat

Fostering is a wonderfully rewarding experience for you and lifesaving for the cats in your care.


During ‘kitten season' we need foster carers to look after kittens too young or unwell to be rehomed when they first arrive. Some kittens may still be feeding from their mother.


Foster carers for adult cats are also needed, simply because we lack room or because they need a bit of mental stimulation after being in a shelter environment for a while, are unwell or a bit timid.


We provide all the food, litter, veterinary care, bowls and bedding. You provide the attention and different household situations like children, dogs, other cats, the vacuum cleaner, the car and so on. Having your own pets is an advantage, however some cats need to be fostered in a home with no children or animals.

We do prefer our foster carers to keep the cats indoors while in care.

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