Tigger 2.jpg

ROMEO is 5 years old and a real sookie boy. He slept with his previous owner and is a lap cat. He was quite timid when he came to us but he's settled in beatifully now and loves a smooch. 

Microchip no. 953010002000065

SOPHIA is a 2 year old Burmese. She's very laid back  and loves to be patted. Microchip no. 953010005611373

TIGGER is a 2 year old boy with a lovely personality. He was quite shy when he first came to us but he's snot now. He likes to be patted and stroked. His owner went to work in WA before the lockdown and has decided to stay. 

Microchip: 900164001879317. 

Abandonment is always a sad story.

To have a secure home one day and then find next day that everyone has gone is just too much !

This is two year HARLEY’s story.

A beautiful black youngster who is timid in the shelter, but loves people and shows a very affectionate and gentle personality.

A forever home is certainly urgently needed for this sad boy.

All cats are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. No:953010003851056.

You’ve heard of Jack and Ginger? Well here’s Ginger Jack!

Ginger Jack is a 5 year old dark ginger tabby.

He's a bit timid but likes attention.

He's been in care for a long time and is now desperate for his own family home.

Microchip # 900079000646725

Meet Nala - a beautiful 6 year old champagne female.
Owners have reluctantly had to surrender her due to housing problems.
Nala is sweet and loving, and adored being patted .. a lot!
which is why this isn’t the best picture, try taking a pic while kitty wants a pat at the same time!