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Onyxia 2.jpeg

LEYLA is a pretty, cute little girl who was surrendered to a Pound - another one with no background. She so wants to have a friend! DOB:10/02/21.

Microchip no. 978101083479531

Leyla 2 big.jpeg

MARKUS is a tabby and white boy who was traumatised by children when he was a kitten. He was timid when he first arrived but has settled in nicely now and likes attention and doesn't have a problem with children any more.  

DOB 21/03/21

Microchip no. 953010006025902.

PRINCESS DI is a sweet little mumwho was found with her kittens (6) in Casino. She is playful and really likes people.  Probably about a year old. 

Microchip no. 953010006225189

ONYXIA was surrendered because her owner had to go overseas for work. She's a quiet cat and would probably suit a quiet home as the only cat. DOB: 10/10/2015. Microchip no. 900079000092228.

Jeanie (2).jpg

JEANNIE is a small cat who's 5 kittens are in the shelter. She's wanting to be cuddled and patted but is a little shy. She ducks her head into your arms when you hold her. Jeannie is ginger with an overlay of grey fur. Such a dear little girl. DOB: 07/12/21. Microchip no. 953010006189982

Persi 1.jpg
Rosein 3.jpeg
May 1 (2).jpg

ON TRIAL ADOPTION - PERSI came from the Byron Pound. He's a quiet, head butting cat who doesn't like his tummy rubbed but loves to be scratched and patted around the head. DOB: 2019. Microchip no. 953010006189983. 

ROSEIN was handed in to the Emergency Vet with a tick bite back in late November. We thought she was fully grown but she was probably only about 9 months old as she's grown a bit since this picture. She was shaved and her hair has grown back now too. She's an absolute lovebug! She loves to be cuddled and have attention. She's not too keen on other cats though so probably a one cat household would suit her best.

DOB: revised to 02/04/2022. 

Microchip no. 953010006195567.

MAY HAS BEEN USING UP A FEW OF HER NINE LIVES. TWICE SHE'S HAD A TICK BITE AND SHE'S RECOVERED FROM THEM BOTH! While she was recovering from her tick bite she escaped from the foster carer's home and was lost for a few weeks. Luckily she came back but she had another tick bite! She's a sweetie who had lost trust in people and she's now working towards (and succeeding in) building up trust again. DOB: 01/01/21. Microchip no. 941000023553442. 

We have a lovely pale calico tortoiseshell called Wilhelmina and her ginger champagne and white fluffy boyfriend, Winston in the shelter. Winston has just been desexed and Wilhelmina will be desexed Monday 30th January. They had been dumped on someone's doorstep in a box with their 3 kittens, Wanda, Wally and Winx. They are very sweet.


MAY is a small grey and white girl. She's recovering from a tick bite.

DOB: 01/01/21.

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