INDIE has had a terribly traumatic start to life.

She is now only one year old and was found, two

months ago, homeless and close to death with four

kittens in her infected womb.

The kittens died.

Rescued she is safe at PFL and has been building up

her strength.

Now more than anything she requires love and TLC

which she will return with interest..

A beautiful grey and white youngster who is in

desperate need.

Are you the one to give her a new life and enjoy her

lifelong friendship ?

All cats are desexed, vaccinate and microchipped. No:900079000718170

Remember SNOWY?

SNOWY has spent the “ festive season” in the shelter, patiently waiting. Snowy is just gorgeous, but what you can’t see is that he is very special, for he is deaf.

Snowy is super friendly, happy, affectionate, loyal and, most of all excited at the thought of a new home, having suffered the trauma of losing his first home.

Here he is already in his box to travel home with you ! Just four years old so he is young and vibrant.

Snowy is a total indoors cat because

a) He's white and doesn't want to get skin cancer

b) Being deaf means he's unable to hear danger or predators such as cars, trucks, dogs etc.

Not good at sign language but Snowy is a super communicator!

All cats are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped . No : 953010004574911


BONITA looks somewhat bewildered now that her gorgeous kittens have left her. She was so motherly that also she fostered another litter. They have also gone. Bonita is not too   keen to get out of the carry box. She would much prefer to go straight to a new loving home. Sweet and gentle nature. She will certainly be a lovely family companion.

All cats are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, No: 900079000718170

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