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Princess Di 1.jpg

 PRINCESS DI is a sweet little mum who was found with her kittens (6) in Casino. She is playful and really likes people.  DOB: 01/12/21.

Microchip no. 953010006225189

Princess Di.jpg
Onyxia 2.jpeg

ONYXIA was surrendered because her owner had to go overseas for work. She's a quiet cat and would need to be the only cat. She has a double coat - black on top and white underneath. Quite a personality!  DOB: 10/10/2015.

Microchip no. 900079000092228.

Jeanie (2).jpg

JEANNIE is a small cat who's 5 kittens are in the shelter. She's wanting to be cuddled and patted but is a little shy. She ducks her head into your arms when you hold her. Jeannie is ginger with an overlay of grey fur. Such a dear little girl. DOB: 07/12/21.

Microchip no. 953010006189982

Heading 6

TILDA is a strikingly beautiful silver tabby girl who was found in the Mullumbimby area with her gorgeous 3 kittens. She loves to be patted and stroked - another playful sweetheart.  DOB: 02/04/21.

Microchip no. 953010006199893. 


BELLE is a playful, smoochy 1 year old. She's not keen on other cats but loves attention. DOB: 01/04/22.

Microchip no. 978142000042014

Winston and Wilhelmina came into the shelter with their 3 kittens. They are probably brother and sister but, of course, we don't really know. Winston is a long haired champagne and white laid back lazy purrer and Wilhelmina is a light calico tortoiseshell - much more playful! 

DOB: 01/12/21. 

Winston's Microchip no. is 953010006395489

Wilhelmina's Microchip no. is 953010006426477

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