DOLORES IS A MEDIUM LONG HAIRED BEAUTIFUL CAT. SHE HAS A LOVELY NATURE AND HAS HAD AT LEAST ONE LITTER. DOB: 05/05/2020. Dolores hasn't been desexed or microchipped yet but this will be done very soon. 


A very special person to adopt the beautiful Rhada

DOB 19/0l/2019).

Rhada came in after being caught in a cat trap and at that time she was heavily pregnant.. She's now had the kittens and was a very attentive and loving mother. She's extremely shy and scared so only a very special person will be capable of bringing out her true nature...She and her foster carer now have a lovely bond; however it's taken many many weeks of patience to get to this stage. There’s no doubt she has suffered some sort of trauma in her past, so she will need ongoing patience and love to help her regain trust in humans. A very quiet home with only one or maybe two, special persons (no children) where she can be an indoor only cat, would be her perfect fit. If you're that VERY SPECIAL PERSON(S) please ring Jean on 0403 533 589. Microchip no. 53010004408664.

LOVEY was pregnant when she came into the shelter and had her 4 kittens by caesarean section on 5th August. She's now almost ready to leave the shelter. She has been desexed and microchipped. Lovey was a brilliant mother and 3 of her kittens have found homes. She was born on 13th September 2019 so is only just an adult now. Being a white cat she should be kept indoors to prevent her from getting skin cancers. Microchip no. 900164001879271.

MOU MOU dob: 7/07/2019 And has had kittens. She is a bit traumatised and is now on foster with one of our volunteers.

Microchip number: 953010004180600

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