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Giving Medication

At some time you may have to give your cat medication.  There are times when it is not as easy as just hiding the medication in food.  There are several ways to medicate your cat.

Hide in food.

Crush the tablet and stir into canned food, or add dosage of liquid medication and stir in.  If the cat will not eat the food try using something more like a treat - tuna, sardines and chicken are always a good choice.  Some medications should not be crushed so check with your vet first.

If your cat has a health disorder such as heart, liver or kidney disease as your vet for a suitable alternate “treat” food.

Where there are multiple pets watch during feeding to ensure the cat requiring the medication eats the correct food, and this will also prevent the others from eating a medication they d not require.

Inserting a pill into the cat’s throat.

This requires care as many cats will not accept fingers pushing pills into their throat.  If the pill is not well into the throat the cat may also spit it out.  If unsure of the appropriate method ask your vet to show you.

A pill gun is a handy device you can use to prevent yourself from getting bitten. This device shoots the pill into the back of the animal’s mouth and forces him to swallow it.

If all attempts to medicate your cat are failing ask your vet if the tablet medication comes in another form.  Topical and liquid medications are generally easier to use, and this may also be an option in a cat that requires long term or life long medication.

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