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Think of My Future !

Perhaps a cat has played an important part in yours or a loved one’s lives. Or you simply care about animal welfare.

Why not leave a lasting legacy by leaving funds to Pets for Life in your Will.


We recommend that you consult your solicitor and inform your Power of Attorney and your family if you include a bequest to Pets for Life Animal Shelter Inc. in your will.


Please read our Bequest Information Sheet.   




if you are concerned about the welfare of your cat you can make a conditional bequest that Pets for Life will care for and rehome your pet.


If you decide to bequeath Pets for Life a sum of money to help look after and rehome your cat in the event of your passing, the main thing you need to do is make sure your next of kin are fully aware of the plans you have for your cat/s and get them to us as soon as possible. 


Complete a Pet Bequest Surrender Form and a Cat Profile Form





In the event of an emergency it is important to advise police and emergency services, neighbours and relatives that you wish your cat to be cared for and possibly rehomed by Pets for Life. Read about our Emergency Care Program. (Under Construction)


If you wish this to occur you should complete the Pet Emergency Care Surrender Form and the Cat Profile Form.  (Forms under Construction)


At a minimal cost of  $15 we will provide you with an emergency card which you should carry in your wallet or leave in a prominent position in your home.

Email here to order your emergency card.

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